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Badge Making tutorial for Badger on Android

With the launch of the Badger app on Android we would like to take the time to do a quick overview of how badge making works on the new application.  First lets start by going to the Badge Creator tab.  Tap ‘create new badge’ and then enter a name and description for the badge.  Lets make a badge called ‘Motorcycles’ with the description ‘find awesome rides’.  After we enter the description we land on the editor home.  We want to select an initial shape for our badge so lets tap the shape icon on the left.



In our shape screen we have a selection of shapes to choose from (shape packs coming soon!).  Lets select the circle shape.  We can change the color of our shape by tapping the color icon on the right in the editor screen.  The color editor allows us to select a color by the rgb sliders or by dragging the selectors in the color wheel.  After selecting the color we want we land back on the editor home screen.  Next lets import an image into the badge by tapping the import picture icon on the lower right.



We now land on our import picture screen where we can take a new picture, add one from our phone gallery or do a web image search.  Lets try a web image search with the term ‘motorcycle’.  Once we tap the picture we want to use from the results we can add a filter or effect and then tap done.



After applying our effects or filters we can position the picture inside our badge by dragging the photo inside the circle.  We can also pinch zoom to zoom in the photo.  Once we tap ok we go back to our editor home where we can keep editing our photo or tap save to create the badge.  Once the badge has been made we can go to our share screen and start using it!

From our share screen lets try a web image share.  We can type in the search query ‘Harley davidson’ and then select the photo we like the best.



After applying effects or filters we end up in our confirmation screen.  Our default badge is ‘My Pics’ so lets tap the arrow to select our newly made ‘Motorcycles’ badge.  After selecting the badge we can tap the edit location button to drag our badge along the map and fine tune the location.  After that we can add a description to our photo and then select facebook or twitter to share our post.  Once all that is done just tap submit!



Thats it for our quick overview of Badge Making and image posting!  Stay tuned for some more details on advanced features available in the Android app!